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Working method

LegalRail combines in-depth knowledge of European and national railway law with many years of experience in the railway sector. This is reflected by its working method, which is exploratory, pragmatic, innovative and efficient. It gives advice to clients involved in complex, usually cutting-edge issues, often with major social impact. Each client is unique here. LegalRail is constantly striving to get to know its clients better and understand their businesses and needs. It uses that knowledge in order to offer its services as is most desirable for the client on each occasion, so that it can create new opportunities in association with the client and help to control the risks.



During an intake meeting, which usually takes place face to face, an inventory is made of the work to be undertaken. The client's wishes are decisive in this process. After the meeting the client receives an engagement letter, specifying the work to be done and including LegalRail's general terms and conditions, which concern aspects such as the duration of the work, contracting third parties, the fee, insurance and liability, and the applicable legal system. Of course, LegalRail always has the correct professional indemnity insurance.